What are the detailed differences between ubuntu linux, and microsoft xp?

Answer Hi, ok Linux and Windows are completely different operating systems. There r no similarities at all.Linux is a kernel that is a descendant of the original Unix. Windows currently uses the NT kernel... Read More »

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Differences Between Linux & GNU?

To outsiders looking into the world of open-source software and open-source operating systems, GNU and Linux are frequently confused as being the same thing. While Linux and GNU share common goals ... Read More »

Which network operating system is better: Linux Ubuntu or Microsoft Windows 2003 Server?

I am surprised that anyone can answer your question with this little information, as this is not possible. It mostly depends on the role that the server will perform, what other servers and service... Read More »

Differences Between Microsoft Word Documents?

Knowing the ways in which Word documents can differ, and how to detect those differences, are essential for ensuring your documents have the information you need them to have. For example, you may ... Read More »

The Differences Between Microsoft Word & Wordperfect?

First came the invention of writing and the invention of the printing press. The late 20th century saw the creation of the word processor. Word processors revolutionized the writing industry, allow... Read More »