What are the definitions of short sale, foreclosure?

Answer Short sales and foreclosures are two actions taken by people who are having trouble paying their mortgage. Each has many disadvantages and advantages.Short SaleShort sales is when a person sells he... Read More »

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How to Do a Short Sale if You Are in Foreclosure?

If you have received a notice from the bank that they are about to foreclose on you you still have an option that will allow you to save your credit from having a foreclosure listed on it. The answ... Read More »

Is a short sale a foreclosure?

A short sale is not a foreclosure. It is often used when a home is in pre-foreclosure to help the seller avoid foreclosure proceedings. In a short-sale, the property owner usually takes a deal for ... Read More »

Is a Short Sale or a Foreclosure Worse?

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Is a Short Sale a Good Alternative to Foreclosure?

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