What are the defects in iPhone?

Answer The bad thing about an iphone is that their is no flash player on it, so u can't play games on it. The battery draining is another issue.

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What are postural defects?

Postural defects are with sicknessthat have to do with the posture

What are the chief optical defects of the human eye?

refractive error (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia)

What is New York's statute of limitations on construction latent defects?

In some instances, cases involving latent defects in construction in New York have not been subject to any statute of limitations. In other situations, the statute of limitation is six years, simi... Read More »

How to Categorize Defects?

Computer programming defects are categorized in order to emphasize the severity of the defects discovered during testing. In many software companies, this process is known as "bug triage" and is do... Read More »