Beauty Tips for Dark Spots on Dark Skin?

Answer Darker skin has more melanin than lighter skin. This brings with it certain advantages, such as the abundance of melanin makes dark skin less susceptible to certain types of sun damage. However, pl... Read More »

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What are the dark spots on Venus?

The dark and bright bands seen on the surface of Venus are the result of sulfuric acid clouds. The clouds contain a chemical that absorbs UV light, making those areas on the surface of the planet a... Read More »

What are the dark, cool spots on the sun called?

The dark, cool regions on the sun are called sunspots. Sunspots appear dark because they are cooler than the areas surrounding them. The temperature of a sunspot may measure around 3,700 degrees Ce... Read More »

What Are the Treatments for Dark Acne Spots?

Acne causes inflammation which may trigger the skin to produce too much melanin, resulting in dark spots of pigmentation. Though thought to be acne scars, this type of superficial pigmentation is r... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Dark Spots on Greyhounds?

It is a common misconception that greyhounds bred for racing are healthy and well taken care of. In reality, this is not typically the case. During a greyhound's racing career, exposure to a variet... Read More »