What are the dangers of using plastic ice trays?

Answer Plastic ice trays are a convenient way to make small ice cubes. If used properly, there is little danger that plasticizer will leach from the trays. If used improperly, though, plastic ice trays ca... Read More »

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Which Is More Eco-Friendly, Styrofoam Trays or Plastic Reuseable Trays?

With schools constantly understaffed and tight on budget, Styrofoam trays are popping up in cafeterias everywhere. However, with environmental concerns topping the headlines, many schools are wonde... Read More »

Health Concerns for Silicone Ice Trays Vs. Plastic Ice Trays?

Plastic ice cube trays have been a popular choice for many years; they are cheap, reusable and convenient. Recent concerns about chemicals in plastics that can leach into foods have raised questio... Read More »

How do I clean plastic paint trays?

Remove Excess PaintPour leftover paint back into the can or scrape the paint into its original tube to eliminate waste. Use a paint stir stick to guide the paint into gallon cans. Always use a rubb... Read More »

Are plastic microwave dinner trays made of recycled material?

Yes, microwavable dinner trays are recyclable. Most plastic microwavable trays are made of either #1 (PETE) or #2 (HDPE) types of plastic and are compatible with recycling centers for conversion in... Read More »