What are the dangers of taking lexapro&alcohol together?

Answer While several sources report that moderate drinking--two glasses of alcohol a day for men, but just one for women--while taking Lexapro probably won't have any harmful repercussions, combining any ... Read More »

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What are some of the dangers of taking Prozac?

prozac is such a strong drug. i took it when i was 16. prozac is one med that you MUST check in with your doctor at least once a month, for about 6 months. if you stop taking it cold turkey, suicid... Read More »

What are the dangers of taking Flomax with Zantac 150?

Flomax and Zantac 150 both have side effects that are possible when they are used individually. The side effects of each drug are still possible when they are used together, but they are not worsen... Read More »

Are there any dangers when taking asprin daily?

Yes, a number of things to watch out for. 1) Gastrointestinal problems. These can range from mild upset and slight burning sensations to a full blown GI bleed which is an emergency situation. 2) ... Read More »

Are there dangers to taking acai berry?

On One Hand: Fruits Are Healthy Parts of a Well-Rounded DietThe acai berry is a fruit. Fresh fruits are healthy parts of a well-rounded diet. In an Environmental Nutrition article, nutritionist Dia... Read More »