What are the dangers of radar guns?

Answer Police officers use radar guns to crack down on speeding drivers and promote road safety. Yet the radar guns themselves could be posing a serious health risk to users.FactRadar guns emit microwave ... Read More »

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How often do radar guns need to be calibrated?

A radar gun manufacturer calibrates the gun in the factory, before shipping it to a buyer. Users typically calibrate radar guns once or twice each year, to ensure proper performance and accurate op... Read More »

How Do Radar Guns Work?

A 1990 Harley Davidson Sportster, a cruiser-style motorcycle, has a variety of different size engines. If your Sportster's engine won't dtart and you hear a clicking sound, you're likely hearing th... Read More »

Information on the Use of Radar Guns by Law Enforcement?

Radar guns are useful and reliable tools for law enforcement officers to flag speeding vehicles. Today, with their precise measurements and long range accuracy, radar guns are depended upon by traf... Read More »

Do high power lines affect radar guns?

High power lines may cause interference with radar guns due to the power they emit. The radar gun readings may not be accurate in areas with a lot of high power lines.References:Radarguns: How Rada... Read More »