What are the dangers of neck traction?

Answer Neck traction is a therapeutic modality that applies force to draw two adjacent bones apart in order to increase the joint space. Neck traction is a safe procedure when applied by a professional, b... Read More »

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What Is Traction of the Neck?

Traction is a pulling or lifting force on the body or tension created by the force. This is often used on the neck to relieve pain or help bones heal and can be done in various ways.Halo BraceA hal... Read More »

Does Medicare pay for back decompression and neck traction?

Most spinal decompression and neck traction facilities are run by chiropractors. Medicare does pay for chiropractic adjustments; however, they only pay about $30 for the decompression treatment, ac... Read More »

What are the dangers of neck surgery?

Doctors perform neck surgery to relieve pressure on the nerves or spinal cord, which relieves pain. Dangers and complications are present in any type of surgery, including neck surgery.FactsPatient... Read More »

What are traction bars used for?

People whose vehicles are used to rapidly accelerate, decelerate and turn seek mechanical devices that will help with stabilization during these maneuvers. Traction bars are installed into vehicles... Read More »