What are the dangers of mercury fillings?

Answer The mercury found in dental fillings is used to bind the powdered silver or tin into a paste that can be placed in the cavity. Mercury is used because it is the only metal alloy that is liquid at r... Read More »

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Do you have mercury fillings or nice white fillings?

Since I still get my dental care free on the NHS my filling is a mercury one. I don't really mind though, it's in a molar right at the back of my mouth so you can't see. And it does it's job.

What is used instead of mercury for fillings in the teeth?

Traditionally when you needed to prevent your teeth from undergoing further decay, your dentist used amalgam fillings. These fillings, also called silver fillings, contained mercury. Now you have a... Read More »

I had 2 amalgam fillings removed today without realising the dangers to my nursing infant. What should i do?

Read this:…My sister is a dental hygienist, and a nursing mom. While she doesn't advocate amalgam fillings in any circumstances, and is aware that some ... Read More »

Safety of Dental Composites Vs. Mercury Fillings?

The most controversial area among dentists pertains to dental materials. Today's dental graduates use dental composite filling material and would not consider mercury amalgam. Composite fillings ar... Read More »