What are the dangers of medical oxygen?

Answer You breathe air that is 21 percent oxygen. Oxygen therapy uses the gas to treat many respiratory disorders. Unfortunately, medical oxygen has dangers like flammability that you must be aware of bef... Read More »

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Dangers of Oxygen-Sensor Extenders?

The high price of gas has led people to find ways to conserve. One solution is to use vehicles that don't run on oil fuel. Electric cars and solar-powered vehicles are viable and utilize sustainabl... Read More »

Dangers of Liquid Oxygen Systems?

Oxygen is a major component of air, which is necessary for life. Oxygen can be extracted from air as pure gas. If cooled under pressure to about minus 196 degrees Celsius, it becomes a liquid with ... Read More »

What are the dangers of electronic medical records?

The Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations have promoted digitalizing medical records, and most medical experts agree that eventually electronic medical record data bases will be the norm. Despit... Read More »

The Dangers of Using Inappropriate Medical Abbreviations?

The medical profession has a large number of abbreviations for everything from medicines to commonly used patient information and phrases. While these abbreviations certainly save time and can expe... Read More »