What are the dangers of magnetic sleep pads?

Answer Magnetic mattress pads sell for as much as $1,500, purporting to ease muscle tension and pain, revitalizing the circulatory system. Regardless of whether or not they deliver these effects, it is wo... Read More »

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What are the dangers of heating pads?

Common sense must be utilized when using a heating pad. Whether it is used for too long a period or not used properly, injury can and does occur.BurnsProlonged exposure can cause burning. A heating... Read More »

What are the dangers of electric mattress pads?

Electric mattress pads are a warming convenience, but they have a few underlying hazards. If not properly maintained and operated, a heated mattress pad can become a serious danger.Pacemaker Falseh... Read More »

How good are magnetic mattress pads?

On One Hand: FDA allows cure claimsManufacturers claim magnetic mattress pads can help cure fibromyalgia, insomnia, general muscle aches and other ailments. The magnets are believed to help increas... Read More »

What happens to the body while we sleep, why is sleep essential, what is the least amount you can survive on?

While you sleep your autonomic nervous system kicks in, and yes your body repairs itself, also your brain starts into memory cycling and filing. As far as the sleep question your body requires what... Read More »