What are the dangers of lanolin?

Answer Lanolin is derived from sheep's skin and is found in many cosmetic products. Lanolin can cause allergic reactions with the skin and if ingested is poisonous.FeaturesLanolin is a wool alcohol. It bi... Read More »

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Uses for Lanolin?

Lanolin is a greasy substance with chemical resemblance to wax. It is derived from sheep, removed from sheered wool as it is cleaned for textile preparation. Lanolin has a variety of uses, but is m... Read More »

What Is Lanolin?

An intensely moisturizing mixture of fats from the sheep of a skin, lanolin is a favored choice for treating dry skin as well as other skin ailments among health care professionals and those lookin... Read More »

What Is Lanolin Ointment?

Lanolin is what keeps the skin and wool of a sheep or other wooly animal moisturized and conditioned, and it can work to keep human skin moisturized too. Oftentimes, lanolin is prepared as an ointm... Read More »

What is the composition of lanolin USP?

Lanolin USP contains pure lanolin, which is a waxy ointment-like compound produced by sheep oil glands. It is removed from the wool as part of the cleaning process. If your lanolin is labeled "anhy... Read More »