What are the dangers of inhalants?

Answer Inhalants abuse involves inhaling chemicals from fumes, vapors or gas to get high. Many people use common household items like cooking sprays, bleach or pain thinner. This practice can lead to a nu... Read More »

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How to Stop Using Inhalants?

There are some drugs that are very common such as alcohol, tobacco, and even caffeine. Humans use these daily. Then there are ones that are not so great. Among them are crack cocaine, ecstasy, and ... Read More »

What Are the Legal Consequences for Using Inhalants?

The use of inhalants has become a popular way of getting high for teenagers and young adults. Inhalants that provide a high when sniffed include household items such as acetone (nail polish remover... Read More »

Blood test and previous inhalants user?

First, you do not want to boost your iron levels too fast. Take whatever supplement the doctor suggested, as directed. As for inhalants, even people that don't abuse them sometimes find the smell... Read More »

Besides Y!A, alcohol and inhalants, what makes the work day more tolerable for you?

Taking pictures of co-workers when they don't know and posting it in FB to ridicule gets me by.But my number one priority has turned into making a creep-show-junkyard-face's existence a living HELL... Read More »