What are the dangers of electric mattress pads?

Answer Electric mattress pads are a warming convenience, but they have a few underlying hazards. If not properly maintained and operated, a heated mattress pad can become a serious danger.Pacemaker Falseh... Read More »

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What are mattress pads used for?

Mattress pads are used to protect the surface of a mattress. Mattress pads prevent dirt and sweat from seeping into the mattress, which will prolong its life. They also provide extra cushioning for... Read More »

What are the dangers of heating pads?

Common sense must be utilized when using a heating pad. Whether it is used for too long a period or not used properly, injury can and does occur.BurnsProlonged exposure can cause burning. A heating... Read More »

How do i care for mattress pads?

Wash your mattress pad at least once each season and whenever it gets dirty or stained. Check the directions on the tag for washing instructions. Most mattress pads can go in the washing machine an... Read More »

What are the dangers of magnetic sleep pads?

Magnetic mattress pads sell for as much as $1,500, purporting to ease muscle tension and pain, revitalizing the circulatory system. Regardless of whether or not they deliver these effects, it is wo... Read More »