What are the dangers of being offered a drink at a party?

Answer If you didn't pour it or watch it poured... you have no idea what's in it.Ever hear of GHB? It's the date rape drug. Comes as a pill, can be smashed and dissolved in any persons drink.Think about... Read More »

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Can an employer force an employee to take their health insurance offered after they've seen the benefits offered and don't like it?

NO, you do not have to take any ins offer'd at your place of employment

What mixed drink can both males and females comfortably drink at a party?

Always rum and coke or mixes like that! ;)

How much should I drink at a party?

If you don't know, no one should tell you an answer because they have no way to know either really. Just go to the party and take it slow to see how you handle your booze. I am in a fraternity an... Read More »

How to Say No to a Drink at a Party?

If you don't want to sink down low to the getting drunk at party level then here's some tips to avoid drinking.