What are the dangers of Noxzema?

Answer Noxzema is a product used to treat mild to moderate acne. It is intended not only to treat acne but to help prevent future breakouts. The main active ingredient in Noxzema is salicylic acid. Thi... Read More »

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What is Noxzema?

Noxzema's trademark cobalt-blue jar has been a favorite with consumers for nearly a century. Known for its skin-relief properties, consumers have found many uses for this product over the years. No... Read More »

What was the original use of Noxzema?

Noxzema was originally used for sunburns and eczema. Baltimore pharmacist George Bunting invented Noxzema in 1914 to heal sunburns. As the cream became more popular, a person with eczema happened t... Read More »

What is the product Noxzema?

Noxzema is a brand of facial skin cleansers that originally started with a skin cleanser cream --- the Original Deep Cleansing Cream. The brand now offers eight dermatologist-tested products to cho... Read More »

What skin care is better: Noxzema or Olay I'm curious to what wins the challenge.?

Depends on your skin. For me, noxzema is good but it drys up ur skin then you end up putting lotion on. Olay, gives me oily skin.. the best that i find that works with less complication is .. hot w... Read More »