What are the dangers of ADHD drugs?

Answer ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) drugs work by stimulating the central nervous system. This disorder makes it hard for a person to sit in one place for a short period of time without f... Read More »

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What drugs are used for adhd?

Deciding on the right ADHD medication for your child or yourself may feel daunting when considering the treatments available. New medications seem to appear regularly and make things more confusing... Read More »

What are the drugs taken for ADHD?

Choosing the right medication to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder for yourself or your child may feel overwhelming. The decision becomes more difficult as new medications appear regul... Read More »

My son has ADHD, I dont like the way prescription drugs "zombify" him, what else can I do?

Homeopathic Remedy :-Give your son AVENA SATIVA Q(Mother Tincture) No side effects or complications it will gradually improve his condition read more about the remedy by clicking the link :- http:/... Read More »

How to Be Assured Your ADHD Child Is Taking the Correct Prescription Drugs?

Learn more about the typical ADHD prescription drugs that your kid might be using. These prescription medications for ADHD have been shown to often not help clients and have several dangerous side ... Read More »