What are the custodial rights of underage mothers in Florida?

Answer Answer an underage mother should have her parents help her if they are supportive of her position and ask a lawyer that deals in family matters. there should be no legal reason why she can't keep ... Read More »

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What are the custodial rights of an underage mother in Kentucky?

More Opinions Unmarried minor females are presumed by law to have the same rights to their unborn or born child as would an adult woman.The minor cannot be forced to place her child for adoption or... Read More »

What are the custodial rights of unwed mothers in the state of Indiana?

I don't know about Indiana state laws on this matter, but Arkansas state says that the unwed mother is the sole gardian of the unborn child. I went threw this 2 1/2 years ago. I made the mistake of... Read More »

What are the rights of a custodial parent needing to move out of state when the non custodial parent has visitation?

AnswerI know this one from experience. It totally depends on 1. the state that you live in and its local laws and 2. the defining stipulations of your divorce decree. My ex has custody of our son a... Read More »

If the custodial parent kicks the child out of the house what rights do the non-custodial parent have?