What are the criteria for u.s. border patrol?

Answer Under the jurisdiction of the federal government's Department of Homeland Security, the United States Border Patrol is responsible for securing the parameter around the U.S. Agents are tasked with ... Read More »

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What are the promotions for a border patrol?

border patrol agent -supervisory border patrol agent- field operations supervisor- special operations supervisor- asst. patrol agent in charge- patrol agent in charge- assistant chief patrol agent-... Read More »

What is the role of border patrol in the US How does it differ from Homeland Security How are they similar?

Homeland security is likely informed as a secondary process of FBI or Treasury Dept. reporting of large (or even medium/smal) cash transfers.

Why are border patrol in the US so anal retentive?

Because, and I quote: "...fresh fruits and vegetables can introduce plant pests or diseases into the United States. One good example of problems imported fruits and vegetables can cause is the Medi... Read More »

Border Patrol Officer Salary?

Border Patrol officers are law enforcement agents who work for the federal government. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Border Patrol officers guard more than 8,000 miles of the na... Read More »