What are the courses required for a degree in sociology?

Answer Sociology is the study of social interaction between humans and society. The requirements for a Sociology degree will vary depending upon the school you are attending. Core courses are often requir... Read More »

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Can someone with a criminology degree teach sociology courses?

Both high schools and universities hire teachers with criminology degrees to teach sociology classes. A college is flexible and bases hiring on many factors besides the degree. At a high school, th... Read More »

What courses are required for a pharmacy degree?

Most pharmacists study for six years before earning their Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree---two years of pre-pharmacy courses followed by four more years of a Pharm.D. program.Pre-PharmacyAcco... Read More »

Courses Required for a Degree in Ornithology?

Ornithology, the scientific study of birds or avian species, dates back to ancient times. In the first century, the Roman naturalist Pliny completed the comprehensive "Historia Naturalis," which in... Read More »

Courses Required for a Degree in Wildlife Management?

Majoring in wildlife management prepares students for a career in managing and monitoring animals and the natural resources that support them. Courses in science, English, forestry and wildlife mak... Read More »