What are the costs for building an in-ground lap pool?

Answer Installation of a simple, in-ground concrete lap pool in a standard size can cost $20,000 or more. This doesn't include accessories or custom options, which would add to the price.Source:Lap Pools

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How do you determine the operating costs for an above ground gas pool heater?

AnswerYour gas pool heater should have a BTU/hr rating for input and output printed on a placard somewhere on the heater. Look for the input rating and divide by 100,000 to get Therms/hr. Assuming ... Read More »

Building an In-ground Pool?

An in-ground swimming pool is a significant investment on the part of a person having one installed. Basic in-ground swimming pools range in price from $17,000 up to $37,000 before any options or s... Read More »

If you get a huge 4-year-old above-ground pool from your neighbor what costs can you expect to incur to set it back up and what will have to be replaced?

Answer I was given an 18 ft round 4 1/2 ft. deep pool. You will need to replace the liner if not it can cause the pool to collaspe do to liner shrinkage. Check to see how much wiring you will nee... Read More »

Is it possible to convert the whole ground floor of a building to a swimming pool?

Answer The answer is unquestionably, "NO". Water is very heavy. If you put one foot of water in a 10x15 living room, it would weight over 8,000 pounds. The floor was never designed to support th... Read More »