What are the copyright laws on photographs?

Answer Protection is automatic as soon as the image is taken, and the photographer is the copyright holder unless other arrangements were made. The image will be protected for the life of the photographer... Read More »

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What are the copyright laws regarding old movie stills and photographs?

Anything from a movie prior to 1923 or prior to 1964 and not properly renewed is in the public domain and can be used freely, without copyright restriction. Most other movies are still under copyri... Read More »

How to Copyright Photographs?

You already own the copyright on anything original that you have made such as a photo. The problem arises when someone else tries to rip you off and you have to prove that you are the owner of the ... Read More »

How do you copyright your photographs?

Bear in mind that it isn't necessary to take any action for your photographs to be protected. Copyright protection is automatic, as soon as work of sufficient originality is "fixed in a tangible me... Read More »

Are there any sites where you can copyright your photographs for free?

Copyright in and to an original artistic or intellectual work in Canada and the United States (and many other countries) is automatic and without cost...if you wrote it, painted it, performed it, c... Read More »