What stands today in the place of the first Playboy club in Chicago 116 E. Walton St. Chicago?

Answer I did a long hard search on this for you... i cannot come up with anything but i think it is a great question... i am going to assume that this building was sold for condos and it is all resident... Read More »

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What is the mascot for Chicago Vocational High School in Chicago?

The mascot for Chicago Vocational High School (officially known as Chicago Vocational Career Academy) is the cavalier. The school serves students in grades nine through 12 and offers 14 interschola... Read More »

What are the coordinates of the Pentagon?

38° 52′ 15.56″ N, 77° 3′ 21.46″ W38.87099, -77.05596

What is earth's coordinates?

According to Star Trek, Earth is located in the Alpha Quadrant (50000;74000). This is based off the Cartesian planar coordinate system with the upper left corner (0;0) and the lower right corner (1... Read More »

What Are the Coordinates of the Olduvai Gorge?

Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania is one of the most famous fossil sites in the world providing many of the earliest hominid fossils currently located. It is part of the Great Rift Valley of East Africa an... Read More »