What are the cooking times in a Brinkmann Double Smoker?

Answer Cooking times with Brinkmann Double Smokers are relatively long, taking two to three hours depending on amount of meat, outside temperature, amount of charcoal, proximity of food to heat source and... Read More »

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Brinkmann Charcoal Smoker Troubleshooting?

Upright Brinkmann charcoal smokers perform the most primal of outdoor cooking methods--slow cooking meat over low temperatures with the wood smoke for flavoring. But the process requires attention ... Read More »

How long to cook a Boston butt on a Brinkmann gas smoker?

A Boston butt needs to be smoked for approximately 1 1/2 hours per pound of meat. An 8-lb. butt would need to be smoked for about 12 hours. The meat should be cooked until an internal temperature o... Read More »

What are the Cooking times for whole chickens in convection ovens?

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Why do japanese wash their rice so many times before cooking it,what is the reason any benefit from it?

Traditionally Japanese washed their rice to purify the flavor and to remove any impurities remaining in the dry rice but for now, people wash to remove excessive starch clinging to the outside of t... Read More »