What are the consequences of not paying assessment fees on my home?

Answer In any state, your assessments pay bills the association incurs for services that all owners enjoy, such as basic utilities, master insurance policy premium, property management and upkeep, mainten... Read More »

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If I missed paying a special condo assessment with only one notice given do I have to pay lawyer collection fees?

When you miss paying a condominium special assessment, the board -- in this case quite quickly -- can choose to take legal action against you collect the funds.If the board has incurred these legal... Read More »

Can the home owners association foreclose on a home for not paying the fees in the state of Florida?

Yes. Read your governing documents to understand when and why the association might be forced to take this final step.

Where to live in hillsborough county without paying for home owner association fees?

A local realtor -- you don't define the location of 'hillsborough county' -- can help you find a place to live that is not involved with an association.

Positive Consequences of Assessment of Learning on Teachers?

Learning assessments provide students with effective feedback and potentially improve their motivation and/or self-esteem. Moreover, assessments of learning gives students the tools to assess thems... Read More »