What are the consequences for an 18 yar old taking a 15 year old to a party?

Answer If the party has alcohol then the conseunces can be very bad. Depending on your track record if you've never done anything bad you may just be let off with a warning or you could go to jail however... Read More »

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What could be the consequences of a 24-year-old getting a 15-year-old who is in foster care pregnant?

Answer : "You'm 15 your boyfriend is 24 He can go to jail and I hope he does.Minors who are placed in a foster home, group home or other juvenile facility are done so by court order and are theref... Read More »

What are the consequences if an 18-year-old gets a 16-year-old pregnant?

WOW!You can go to jail for statutory rape in whatever state your in. Hope the parents understand that your willing to pay half of the child's expenses for the rest of your life. Got a job? Go get o... Read More »

The Tax Consequences of Taking All the Funds out of an IRA?

An individual retirement account, or IRA, is one of the best tools for saving for retirement. However, these accounts do carry penalties for early withdrawal. Income taxes and tax penalties can be ... Read More »

If you are an 18-year-old male whose relationship with a 15-year-old female is accepted by her legal guardian and you get her pregnant can you be taken to court and if so what are the consequences?

Answer yes, but in Kansas you can marry at fifteen and at least that might go in your favor at court ... Answer If the relationship is accepted, then you needn't worry. If the legal gaurdian gets a... Read More »