What are the components of a black light?

Answer Black lights are used for a variety of purposes, including forensics, engineering, mechanical repair, forgery detection and entertainment. The components of a black light are simple and almost iden... Read More »

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Components of Fluorescent Light Bulbs?

Fluorescent light bulbs come in many various shapes and sizes, for a variety of fixtures in home, commercial and industrial applications. Despite the differences in types, all fluorescent lights co... Read More »

Is a black light a fluorescent light?

Some black lights are made in the same manner as fluorescent lights, except that dark purple glass is used instead of clear glass and only one phosphor is used. The purple glass blocks nearly all v... Read More »

Hertz components vs focal components?

Under "cars and transportation" there is a car audio section in Yahoo Answers. I think you might have better luck getting answers there. All I can say in answer to your question is that I have hea... Read More »

What is a black light?

The term "black light" refers to light bulbs and fluorescent lamps that produce ultraviolet light. Although black generally marks the absence of light, it is the black coating of black lights that ... Read More »