What are the complications that can occur at birth?

Answer malpresentation (breech birth (i.e. buttocks or feet first), face, brow, or other)failure of descent of the fetal head through the pelvic brim or the interspinous diameterpoor uterine contraction s... Read More »

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What complications can occur after chelation therapy?

Some of the more serious complications reported have included hypocalcemia, kidney damage, decreased clotting ability, anemia, bone marrow damage, insulin shock, thrombophlebitis with embolism, and... Read More »

What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Complications That Occur During Pregnancy?

While pregnancy can be an exciting period in a woman's life, there are many complications that can occur during pregnancy. Some complications are mild, while others can result in serious illness i... Read More »

Is it normal in a teen pregnancy for a weight loss to occur in the first trimester could this be a sign of complications?

Answer Many women lose weight in the first trimester.Nausea, vomiting and general tiredness all conspire to make women eat less in the first three months. As long as the food you do eat is good q... Read More »

Your seventeen week old fetus appears to have his stomach on the right hand side of his body but all other organs are in correct place what complications will this occur for him?

It may not have any complications. Organs on the 'wrong' side are quite common. It may even move to its normal position by the end of pregnancy.