What are the complications from going beyond 42 weeks of pregnancy to the baby?

Answer It can actually raise a lot of complication's. The mother/baby is more likely to experience preclapsia, placental abruption, high birth weight, cesarean section, epesiotomy, brain damage, umbilical... Read More »

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If you had complications with a pregnancy before what are the chances of having complications again?

It's really a 50/50 shot as every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. It really depends on what the complications were.

Does the baby become less active during the last 3 weeks of pregnancy?

It truly depends on the baby, how big the baby is, and how much room you have in your womb. Typically, a baby becomes less active because it is harder for him/her to move around. My little girl was... Read More »

What will happen to the baby if you have x ray during 3 weeks pregnancy?

Well it really depends on what type of x ray you are talking about. If its a major one like a ct scan or mri it may cause some difficulties, but not for certain. I work as a dental assistant, we ta... Read More »

How much should a baby weigh at 34 weeks pregnancy?