What is the pre-cooked weight of a White Castle hamburger patty?

Answer .70 ouncesActually, it is 2 ounces.I am suspicious of the 2-ounce figure. The entire weight of the hamburger, cooked and including the bun, according to White Castle, is 58 grams, or about 2 ounces... Read More »

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What combination of ingredients makes the tastiest homemade hamburger?

Burgers are all about the meat. (My apologies to all of the well meaning vegans out there...)The secret to an awesome burger is a good butcher. You can't make a truly great burger from the superm... Read More »

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This complete, luxurious facial routine is perfect for people who need a quick at home beauty treatment. All these ingredients are fairly common, and there's a good chance you can find them all in ... Read More »

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I would take the rotini or linguini cook.. Add american cheese w/cream of mushroom/sour cream/ Add cooked broccoli. Side dish I would do some garlic toast

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