What are the common problems of Down syndrome?

Answer Some of the common features with kids and babies with down syndrome are:upturned eyessmall, flat nosesmall mouth with a larger tonguea more round faceflatter featuresPalm of the hand has 1 crease n... Read More »

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Is backache common with irritable bowel syndrome?

Irritable bowel syndrome, also known as IBS, can affect adults and children and show various symptoms. One of the less common yet detectable effects in adults and kids can include backache and lowe... Read More »

Is shaken baby syndrome more common in teen parents?

I don't think so. it can happen in babies before they are taken home from hospital. you can check the whole article here - Read More »

Is it more common for guys or girls to carry congenital cocaine syndrome?

It's random. A child who is exposed to cocaine in the womb can be male or female. The child's health is at grave risk, but doctors have been unable to say that it is totally because of the cocaine... Read More »

What speech and language problems are encountered by someone with Down syndrome?

Answer yes but it could be dangerous. some folks use wire hangers and dislodge the fetus.