What are the common problems of Down syndrome?

Answer Some of the common features with kids and babies with down syndrome are:upturned eyessmall, flat nosesmall mouth with a larger tonguea more round faceflatter featuresPalm of the hand has 1 crease n... Read More »

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What speech and language problems are encountered by someone with Down syndrome?

Answer yes but it could be dangerous. some folks use wire hangers and dislodge the fetus.

What is the difference between a kid with Down syndrome and a kid without Down syndrome?

downs syndrome is a a chromosome abnormality in which their is an extra copy of the 21st chromosome causing the person to have a flatter face slanted eyes and a mental handicap.

Can family history of kids with down syndrome increase the risk to have a kid with down syndrome?

yes. if that is true, then that means that down syndrome is genetic in your family. try researching it up. look it up on google. i highly reccomend wikepedia. the more you know, the more able you... Read More »

How likely is a sibling of a down syndrome child to have a child with down syndrome?