What are the common names of Mertensia Virginica?

Answer Two common names are Virginia Cowslip and Virginia Bluebells. They are also called Mergensia

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What is the common name for Claytonia virginica?

'Spring beauty' is the common name for 'Claytonia virginica'. This wildflower has thick body parts that grow underground and that are called 'tubers'. Tubers look like small potatoes and are consid... Read More »

Flowers common names and botanical names?

The botanical name of ummetha puvvu(telugu) is Datura flower.

What are the common names for strawberries?

Common Names of Kansas Spiders?

Where there are insects, you will likely find spiders. They may give you the creeps, but spiders serve an important role in nature by helping keep the insect population under control. Unfortunately... Read More »