What do the colors of the mexican flag mean?

Answer Mexico is a former Spanish colony situated in Central America that borders Belize to the south and the United States to the north, with coastlines that run along the Pacific Ocean to the west and t... Read More »

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What do the mexican flag colors represent?

Special significance is embedded within the green, white and red colors of the national flag of Mexico. The meaning of each color has changed since the flag was officially adopted in 1821.Origin of... Read More »

How to Draw the Mexican Flag?

The United States of Mexico has a very distinctive flag, learn how to draw one following these steps.

What is the significance of the Mexican flag?

The Mexican flag, or "La Bandera de Mexico," has represented Mexico since 1821. Citizens of Mexico celebrate "El Dia de la Bandera," or flag day, on February 24, according to the Mexican Embassy.Id... Read More »

Is it legal to fly a mexican flag in my yard?

uh yes it is lol who is anybody to tell you what flag to fly in your own property?