How to Determine What Color to Use on the Color Wheel When Coloring Hair?

Answer The ability to change hair color allows women to alter their looks depending on their mood or personality, but not all colors work well with any skin tone. There are two types of skin colors -- coo... Read More »

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What do the different colors mean in a birth control wheel?

The different colors on a birth control wheel signify the different amounts of hormones in each pill. Each pill in the pack must be taken in a specific order, usually a different color for each sep... Read More »

What is the color wheel?

A color wheel, or color circle, is a tool used by artists to visualize how colors relate to one another. It is a basic part of color theory taught to most beginning artists. By understanding a colo... Read More »

What is your fave color/colors?

mine is sunset orange, always has been. we have a lot to select from color/colors.

What colors go with the paint color msl 131?

I love navy too. I like it best with yellow.