What are the codes for a 8 in 1 jumbo decibel electronics remote control?

Answer What are the codes for jumbo remote

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What is the Emerson jumbo remote control codes for a citizen tv?

citizen codes 001, 004, 008, 009, 042, 053, 058, 105, 109, 177If none of those work, you can also let the remote scan for the right code by turning on your device, pressing and holding the code sea... Read More »

What are the Emerson Jumbo Remote Control Codes for Sylvania TVs?

What are the ATT U-verse remote control codes for an Element Electronics LCD TV? does not work? If you have a black remote, try holding TV (with your television on) then pressing the 'zoom' button on the... Read More »

What are the Verizon Remote control codes for a Element Electronics TV?

0205 worked for mine (37" from Circuit city)it worked on my 40" 1080p element from kmart too. thanks!