What are the classifications for kudzu?

Answer It is included in the kingdom of Plantea, the order of Fabales, the family of Fabacea. the genus of puerarea, and the species of Puerarea Lobata.

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Where does kudzu come from?

Southeast China and southern Japan represent the native range of kudzu [Pueraria lobata]. The Chinese name for the plant is 'gé gēn'. The Japanese name is 'kuzu'.

Why was kudzu used?

Kudzu was thought to be a good bankholder, against soil erosion. For it's a legume, which is a nitrogen-fixing plant. Nitrogen is one of the most common elements above and below ground. But it isn'... Read More »

Why is kudzu helpful?

That kudzu [Pueraria lobata] enriches the soil, provides ground cover, and serves as a nutritious food source are three ways that many identify as to how the plant is helpful. Specifically, kudzu s... Read More »

How do you kill kudzu?

AnswerAny plant will be damaged or die off when sprayed with an herbicide, such as glycophosphate (ex: brand name of Roundup). It must be isolated from other plants that you want to keep; a piece o... Read More »