What are the cheapest Blu-Ray players on the current market?

Answer The cheapest Blu-ray player would be the Playstation 3. It costs four hundred dollars and you can do a lot of entertaining things with it such as games and watching movies.

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I'm looking for the cheapest place to buy potable dvd players?

" Potable" means safe for drinking. I never heard of one of those!

What is the cheapest but still good LCD HDTV on the market.?

32inch? You could browse aroundhttp://hdtv.omani.acThere are plenty of good deals listed there.

What is the cheapest Camcorder in the market with the following traits:?

The challenge was the "variable frame rate". The rest of the stuff was table stakes.The Panasonic AG-AF100A looks like it meets all your requirements... zoom depends on the lens you use.

Which is the best and cheapest camera on the market that allows add on lenses?