What are the changes that happen in the baby?

Answer 16 pounds

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IF unwed woman says that you could be the father and she wants to put baby up for adoption and the father want to keep the baby if it is his what does he need to do to make that happen?

What changes will happen when the girls are in the mood of sex?

Hell will freeze over and pigs will fly when girls are in the mood for sex.Other changes include:A possible eventual increase in the number of dependents one can claim on their income taxes.She'll ... Read More »

What will happen if you don't maintain oil changes on your vehicle?

Failing to change your car's oil regularly can deteriorate your engine. Oil keeps moving parts lubricated, helps to clean the engine, and does 40 percent of the cooling work for the engine. Failing... Read More »

What kinds of changes happen to your body days before labor begins?

Answer From a 2x mom... you begin to waddle (the head drops down lower and the hormones begin to relax your joints even more), you can have sporadic contractions that help begin the dilation and ef... Read More »