What are the chances of your premature baby living?

Answer It depends on how early they were born and other factors like lung development and weight at birth.

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If you have had a premature baby at 25 weeks what are the chances of it happening again?

Answer From statistics it's low. For a second baby the doctors are very aware of your previous problem so they are more alerted.

What are the chances of subequent pregnancies to be premature after premature birth and loss?

yes. be sure to talk to your doctor, and make appointments so your doctor can help you make sure no accidents acure.

You just lost a baby premature an your boyfriend wanted to have sex after 2 week is that okalso the baby was premature because of yeast infection i had i do have to wait until i get ride of the infec?

2 weeks is not enough time. after a mother gives birth she is unclean because of all the blood that you lost. if your child was a boy wait until 6 weeks, but if a girl wait until I think 12-18 week... Read More »

If a baby is born at 26 weeks what is its chances of living if it only weighs 1 pound 6 ounces?

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