What are the chances of two 14 year olds having sex and getting pregnant?

Answer Answer Very high! Teen pregnancy is on the rise! Both of you haven't lived enough life yet. Please go onto in: What you want to know about sex but were afraid to askYou need to l... Read More »

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What are the chances of a 16 year old virgin getting pregnant?

according to my cousin's dr, you can get pregnant without full penetration! my 15 yr old cousin is pregnant and her dr said her hymen is still intact. she and her boyfriend got naked and he orgasme... Read More »

Can eight-year-olds get pregnant?

If she has started having her menstrual period, yes, an eight-year-old could get pregnant.sure! there are stories of 30 year olds impregnating 8 or 9 years by having intercourse with thrm

Can 9 year olds get pregnant?

What are the chances that a 16 year old girl can get pregnant by precum?

Although rare, any female who is fertile may be able to get pregnant from precum. Occasionally that precum can carry the male's semen in it. Make sure to use protection!