What are the chances of the baby coming out healthy and ok if a woman is pregnant but the father has brain damage?

Answer Answer It depends on whether the father sustained the damage through injury or illness. Answer it was by injury... a car accident

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If a woman gets pregnant from a man with brain damage will the baby come out healthy and ok?

Answer It depends on what kind of brain damage the father has. If it was caused by trauma or non-congenital illness, there should be no effect in offspring. If he has a disease which can be inher... Read More »

If you had three drinks before you found out you were pregnant what are the chances it will damage the baby?

Is it normal that the pregnant woman doesn't want to be around the baby's father?

Answer Just as normal as not being pregnant and not wanting to be around someone. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes the babies daddy is the mistake. I wouldn't worry about it. Since you are ... Read More »

In Louisiana can a pregnant woman move out of the state without the consent of the father of the baby?