What are the chances of surviving a 50 floor fall?

Answer Hi Toxi,There are no guarantees. I have been a paramedic and worked EMS for 24 years. I have seen someone die from a fall of less than 10 feet, and someone who fell nearly a hundred feet survived... Read More »

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What are the chances of surviving metastatic breast cancer?

Metastatic breast cancer is cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. Prognosis of metastatic breast cancer depends factors such as how advanced the primary cancer was when first diagnosed... Read More »

Chances of my father surviving cancer.please serious answers?

I’m sorry if your dad is this far along you should have been told this a long time ago. What happened? The median survival is 6-7 months.

Whats the chances of running in front of an Articulated Lorry in the fast lane of the Motorway and surviving?

I think you've answered your own question. Everything is wrong with the law and order in this country, as ONE DAY proves. Traffic Cops is a secret messenger, sneaking under censorship to tell us!I ... Read More »

Father was nauseated and fall unconscious on the floor?

i wish that i could tell you exactly what it is but nausea can be associated with a number of things. I suggest that tomorrow you call his primary and get a appointment for him. They may want to r... Read More »