What are the chances of getting pregnant with no pre-ejaculate fluid or semen?

Answer If there is none of either one then you can't get pregnant

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Is it possible to become pregnant if a penis that had no semen but may have had pre-ejaculate fluid on it rubbed around the vagina area but didn't go inside the hole?

Pregnancy Health and Safety AnswerThe chances aren't very high but it is possible, as precum contains lots of sperm. Remember in future to keep the penis away from the vagina during all stages of a... Read More »

Can you get pregnant from fingering if there was semen or pre-ejaculate on your boyfriend's fingers?

Yes You can get pregnant from semen whether it is directly shot inside you or you push it inside you. Remember anything is possible. There may be less semen on your finger then an ejaculation insid... Read More »

What are the chances of falling pregnant with pre-ejaculate?

Pre-ejaculatory (or pre-cum) does contain sperm in it but is a very, very low amount. It takes only one sperm to make you pregnant so be careful and always use some kind of protection.

What are the chances that a 16 year old girl can get pregnant by pre-ejaculate?

Condom Needed I read in a medical journal that "precum" ,as you call it, actually can have a higher sperm count than the main ejaculate.