What are the chances of a girl between the ages of 10-20 getting pregnant if her partner uses the withdrawal method?

Answer Answer The withdrawl message is rather, and please, pardon me for saying this, stupid. It's NOT going to prevent pregnancy. Women that use the withdrawl method as their only form of birth control e... Read More »

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What are the chances of getting pregnant from?

Can pre-cum get a girl who's cherry isn't popped pregnant?

What are the chances of getting pregnant from Pre Cum?

Depends on whether she is ovulating or not and if she orgasmed she can start ovulating again. She should get the morning after pill.

Im 13 and desperatley want to be pregnant how can you improve your chances of getting pregnant?

HEY! Look're 13. You might want to be pregnant but it is not a good idea. Kids are forever. You haven't even had the chance to grow up yet! Don't you want to go to prom, do things by you... Read More »

What are the chances of a 16 year old virgin getting pregnant?

according to my cousin's dr, you can get pregnant without full penetration! my 15 yr old cousin is pregnant and her dr said her hymen is still intact. she and her boyfriend got naked and he orgasme... Read More »