What are the chances of gettin pregnant from pre-ejaculation?

Answer Just as good as ejaculating inside. There is no difference between the two when it comes to sperm finding that little egg.

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What are the chances of getting pregnant if a spermicidal condom slips off inside the woman before ejaculation?

A few years ago I had surgery where the tip of my cervix was removed because of pre-cancer could that lessen my chances of gettin pregnant?

I got pregnant with my son 12 years after I had the same surgery, so, NO.

What are the chances of getting pregnant when having unprotected sex when you have the Implanon implant fitted I've had it in for two weeks now and I was just curious. When is it safe after gettin it?

Answer There is still a 1% chance in rare cases that you can conceive but the implant should protect you against pregnancy. Yes but what is the chance of this?? Please can someone help!! I had an ... Read More »

Is it possible to become pregnant from genital rubbing if no ejaculation takes place and the male has urinated multiple times since his last ejaculation?

Bo you cannot become pregnant because there has been no ejaculation there fore no sperm has entered the effected area