What are the challenges of parenting?

Answer there are lots, crying, whining, caring, diapers, money, etc. but there are lots of JOYFULNESS in parenting, like having a little you, a sweet smile, bringing a new/another life into this world, wh... Read More »

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A Few Actual Parenting Questions For The Parenting Section..?

5 - 12, 10, 7, 6, 5getting the kids to help - looking after 5 kids by myselfYep I always have down days - doesn't every parent?I love dancing and singing with them, sometimes craft projects and oth... Read More »

Does there seem to be a lack of parenting questions in Parenting?

Sometimes yes. But I suppose it's because when we ask questions even if they aren't related to parenting we want a certain audience to see them.*Wow I guess the swine flu joke I posted has gained ... Read More »

What other challenges can we do?

Just a few that came to mind based on some Youtube videos I have watched recently:oreo challenge cheesecake challenge blind food challengecupcake challengepizza challengebaby food challengeetc. etc.

Food challenges in NY!?

Don't listen to cj. He is obviously a creeper. Try the atomic wing challenge at quaker stake and lube. It's nuts. By the way the back of your head looks nice today