What are the causes other than overeating for an overweight baby?

Answer IKnowManyThings001 on... "heavy sleeping babies"I am not 100% sure, but I think it is because they are relaxed and not trying to resist gravity weighing them down.HOPE THIS HELPS

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Other than age, what causes liver spots?

Sun exposure. My grandmother got them and the doctor told her the prolonged time in the son causes these spots to darken and causes more of them to appear, so be sure to use the sunscreen if you wa... Read More »

Other than sleep deprivation, what causes dark circles under the eyes?

My one eye is smaller than the other Causes and solution?

Achieve higher goals in life to compensate, like Newton, he was of premature birth. That astronomy guy who gave the the formula for orbit of heavenly bodies was virtually blind.It will not make muc... Read More »

Other than making a great air guitar what is the point of a baby?

You can see Pixar movies without looking like the weirdo pervert adult going by yourself.