What are the causes of urine leakage?

Answer Urine leakage, or urinary incontinence, is a fairly common occurrence. According to the Mayo Clinic, this phenomenon is a symptom rather than an illness, and can have many causes, ranging from diet... Read More »

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What are the causes of cell phone battery leakage?

Cell phone battery leakage can be attributed to several causes, including exposure to extreme weather and overcharging.OverchargingA battery can leak as a result of overheating if the phone is over... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Blood in Dog Urine?

For any dog owner, the mere sight of blood in your dog's urine can be frightening. However, there are many causes of blood in dog urine, and not all are serious. If you notice blood in your dog's u... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Leaking Urine?

When a person suffers from leaking urine, medical professionals call it "urinary incontinence." Different types of urinary incontinence occur for particular reasons. Stress incontinence happens at ... Read More »

What Are the Causes of an Alkaline Reaction in Urine?

Normal, healthy urine usually is slightly alkaline or acidic. Normal acidic urine results from the consumption of amino acids and proteins. Normal alkaline urine is a result of the consumption of v... Read More »