What are the causes of tartar on human teeth?

Answer Tartar, or calculus, is a hardened mineral version of plaque, a slimy film of bacteria that forms on teeth. Most causes involve poor hygiene or diet. Tartar buildup can eventually lead to periodont... Read More »

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Is there a good substitute for human teeth that can be used for a science project if the school doesn't allow the use of human or animal teeth?

you could get some type of bone or antlers and shave them to the shape you want.

How to Protect the Teeth From Tartar?

Tartar is the accumulation of food, minerals and other debris that have hardened onto your teeth. Tartar can even get underneath the gumline and eventually lead to cavities and gum disease if left ... Read More »

How can you avoid Tartar build-up on your teeth?

Use a pre-rinse mouth wash so it breaks up the plaque before you brush and you can brush more off. There are toothpastes for extra sensitive teeth you may want to try, and find a dentist that will... Read More »

Just had my tartar removed from my teeth?

Sadly yes, it isn't entirely uncommonn for there to be discomfort for a while after an appointment like this. However, it is just as likely to be increased sensitivity, which can feel a lot like pa... Read More »