What are the causes of sweating while sleeping?

Answer Night or nocturnal sweats, or breaking into a severe sweat while asleep, can have a number of causes, some serious, according the American Academy of Family Physicians.Night SweatsNight or nocturna... Read More »

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What causes teeth grinding while you are sleeping?

Teeth GrindingHere is advice and input on the causes of teeth grinding:Stress can lead to bruxism, but there are some people with normal bites and little stress that still grind their teeth at nigh... Read More »

What causes teeth grinding in toddlers while sleeping?

Causes for teeth grinding: Common reasons for teeth grinding are stress, frustration, anxiety. It could also be as a results of abnormal occlusion (the way the upper and lower teeth fit together), ... Read More »

What causes sweating after eating?

Because after we eat a large meal, the digestive system begins to work harder.

What causes excessive sweating T-shirt wet day and night. I have a pace-maker?

Most probably it humid and temperature weather. Avoid BMR raising diet or consult your doctor.